The 10 Best Forex Brokers of 2021

Are you looking for a Forex broker? In the foreign exchange market, there are a lot of brokerage firms. Finding the best broker can be tedious and time-consuming. For this reason, we have created this list of Forex brokers. This article includes a list of over 70 forex brokers operating in most countries of the world.

Here is the list of the best forex brokers. They are the best brokers for forex trading with which you can speculate on the price of over 200 Forex currency pairs such as major pairs (EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY, or EUR / GBP) and other more exotic currency pairs. This list will help you choose the best FX broker following your selection criteria such as minimum deposit, leverage, or compatibility with the best forex trading platforms like MT4 and Metatrader 5.

Top 10 Best Forex Brokers

BrokerMin. depositECNLeverageMT4MT5BonusRegulatorwebsite
βœ”βœ”CBI, ASIC, FSA, FSCA, ADGM, ISAVisit Broker
XM group$10≀888:1
βœ”βœ”$/ 25 EuroFCA, CySEC, ASIC, DFSA, IFSCVisit Broker
78.04% of accounts lose money
FCA, CySEC, ASICVisit Broker
76% of accounts lose money
IQ Option$10≀500:1
CySECVisit Broker
78.04% of accounts lose money
Plus500 $100≀30:1
FCA, CySEC, ASICVisit Broker
72% of accounts lose money
βœ”CySEC, FSCVisit Broker
Your capital can be at risk
IC Market$200$200≀500:1
βœ”βœ”CySEC, ASIC, FSAVisit Broker
72.2% of accounts lose money
βœ”βœ”$/ 30 EuroIFSCVisit Broker
58.42% of accounts lose money
βœ”βœ”FSCA, FSCVisit Broker
Your capital can be at risk

Best Forex Broker and Platform 2021

  1. Avatrade – Best Overall
  2. XM – Best Forex Micro Accounts
  3. eToro – Best Forex Copy trading Platform
  4. IQ Option – Best Forex Currency Choice
  5. BDSwiss – Best MT5 Forex broker
  6. Plus500 – Best App and Web Platform
  7. BDSwiss – High Leverages
  8. IC Markets – Best for Tight Spreads
  9. Roboforex – Best Free bonus
  10. Exness – Best for High Leverages

To trade forex, it is essential to open an account with a brokerage house that gives you access to forex trading. The best forex brokers give you access to the forex market as well as trading tools, offer fast order execution and allow trading through trading platforms specially designed and adapted for online Forex trading.

The best forex brokers also offer reliable deposit and withdrawal facilities, are regulated by regulatory bodies, and allow you to trade the currencies you want to trade.

We have tried out most of the best forex brokers in USA and around the world, and have listed our most recommended forex brokers here.

We have chosen these brokers on the basis of various criteria such as low prices, available trading tools, the currencies offered, the quality of the data and charts as well as the speed of execution of the orders. So here is our list of the best forex trading platforms.

Our selection criteria to choose the best forex broker

There are many comparison sites out there, unlike many other websites. Our comparison site only features the best broker for forex trading and the ones that give the best trading conditions for traders. With many years in this industry, our team of experts has used and tested many forex brokers. A good forex broker is always endowed with characteristics that ensure both good trading conditions and the security of your funds.

These days, there are a lot of scams on the Internet. It is therefore essential to choose a trusted forex broker with whom your money will be safe and available when you need it. In addition, as a forex trader, saving on fees is important because these costs impact actual profits. Regulation is also an important criterion and a guarantee of the reliability of international forex brokers.

All these crucial criteria in the selection of the best broker for forex trading are included in this test. Therefore, we prepared on this page a list of the best Forex brokers.

Criteria for selecting the best broker for forex trading:

  • Regulation by an official financial market regulatory body
  • High security of funds
  • Quick deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Fast execution of market orders
  • Reduced fees on Forex trading and no hidden fees
  • No re-quotes and slipage (high liquidity)
  • Intuitive trading platform
  • Free and unlimited demo account
  • Professional customer support

Forex Broker Regulation

The regulation of the broker is one of the most important criteria to consider in order to guarantee you a scam-free trading experience. Regulation is governed by official regulatory bodies around the world and helps protect investors from bad practices and scams by dishonest brokerage houses. The most reputable regulatory bodies are the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) of the United States of America, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) of Cyprus and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) of Australia and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa. There are also other regulators around the world that regulate the forex and financial markets, but the ones mentioned in this paragraph are the best known and most reputable.

FCA Forex regulator
CySEC Forex regulator
ASIC Forex regulator

Security of your Funds

The security of your funds is also a criterion not to be neglected. It is important to make sure that the broker you are trading with has secure access to their platform and keeps your money safe in separate bank accounts. The best brokers are always up to date when it comes to their platform security and client protection requirements.

Quick and Easy Deposit and Withdrawal

Check that the platform has payment methods available to you. Not all forex brokers have the same method of deposits and withdrawals. It is important to check the options available to make sure you can make quick deposits and withdrawals on the platform. Some brokers offer a wide variety of payment methods like Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Visa, and MasterCard debit and credit cards and more, while other brokers are more restricted on the payment methods offered. In general, you can find all the information relating to the deposit and withdrawal on the official website of the broker.

Payment methods of a Forex Broker

Fast Orders Execution

The speed of order execution is also an essential criterion because we want our trades to be executed quickly and without delay and at the best price. For these reasons, and it is better to choose an FX broker offering a great speed of execution of the orders to avoid the problems relating to the delays in forex trading.

FX Broker Fees

As a forex trader, Fees can have a big impact on your profits. Paying large brokerage fees will result in less profit in your pocket and greater difficulty in being a profitable trader. Some forex brokers charge a lot of fees and are mediocre while others have low fees and offer high-quality services. Privilege the brokers with low fees, tight spreads, and a high level of services.

High Liquidity

Liquidity is very important to avoid slippage and order execution issues in forex trading. The best forex brokers generally offer high liquidity in the market. This guarantees a slippage-free forex trading experience, no requotes, and allows you to enter and exit quickly to take your profits.

Good Forex Trading Platform

The broker gives you access to the market via a trading platform, it is always important to see that the platform provided suits you and has all the functionality you are looking for. Some brokers have their own trading platform while other brokers allow you to link popular trading platforms among forex traders like the Metatrader 4 and MT5 platform from MetaQuotes software.

Free Forex Demo Account:

All the best forex brokers offer free demo accounts in order to discover their platform and test forex trading without the associated risk. You can use these forex demo accounts to test brokers, practice FX trading with virtual money and discover all the functions offered by FX brokers without spending a single penny.

Customer support

Customer support is also to be considered. In the event of a problem or difficulty with your broker, the customer service representative could be of great help to you in helping you resolve any problems relating to the use of the platform. Customer support can also help you report any technical problems to a team of qualified technicians, who will make sure the problem is repaired as quickly as possible.

More Forex Brokers Reviews

BrokerMin. depositECNLeverageMT4MT5BonusReviewwebsite
AvaTrade$100≀400:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
XM group$10≀888:1βœ”βœ”$/ 25 EuroπŸ”ŽVisit Broker
eToro$250≀400:1πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
IQ Option$10≀500:1πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Plus500 $100≀30:1πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
BDSwiss$100≀500:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
IC Market$200$200≀500:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Roboforex$10 / 0.001β‚Ώ$10 /0.001₿≀2000:1βœ”βœ”$/ 30 EuroπŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Exness$1$300≀9999:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Alpari$200$300≀1000:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
FBS$1≀3000:1βœ”βœ”$70πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Hotforex≀1000:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Instaforex$1≀1000:1βœ”βœ”$500πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
FXTM$10$500≀1000:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Liteforex$10≀1000:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
FX Choice$100 / 0.01 β‚Ώ$100 / 0.01₿≀200:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
AMarkets$100$200≀1000:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker$100≀50:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Admiral Markets$1≀500:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Vantage Fx$100$500≀500:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
FXpro$100≀500:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
FreshForex$1$1≀2000:1βœ”βœ”$2021πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
LQDFX$20≀2000:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
FXOpen$1 / 0.0001β‚Ώ$100 / 0.01₿≀30:1βœ”βœ”$10πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
NordFX$5$1000≀1000:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
JustForex$1$100≀3000:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
FP Market$100$100≀500:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Blackbull Markets$200≀500:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
FortFS$5$500≀1000:1βœ”βœ”$35πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
ForexMart$1≀500:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
LMFX$10≀1000:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
XTB ≀200:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
FXGlory≀3000:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
FiboGroup$1$50≀1000:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
OctaFx$100≀500:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
IFC Markets$1000≀400:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Pepperstone$200$200≀500:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
TradersWay$1$50≀1000:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Fortrade$100≀200:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Tickmill$100$100≀500:1βœ”$30πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
FXCM≀400:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
AM Broker$100$1000≀500:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
SuperForex$1≀1000:1βœ”$88πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Axi$1≀400:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
ForexChief$100≀1000:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
GrandCapital$10$500≀2000:1βœ”βœ”$500πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
NPBFX$10≀1000:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
NumberOne CM$5≀1000:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
OlympTrade$10≀400:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Land-FX$300$2000≀500:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
SimpleFX$1/0.0001₿≀500:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Cityindex$100≀500:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Orbex$200$500 ≀500:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Weltrade$25≀1000:1πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Globex360≀500:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Go Markets≀500:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
ThinkMarkets$2000≀500:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
TigerWit$50≀200:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Tifia$10$500≀1000:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker$50$200≀500:1βœ”$15πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
HF Markets$50≀30:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
IronFX$100≀1000:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
HYCM$100≀500:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Derive$5≀1000:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
FXprimus$100$100≀1000:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker$20≀30:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Libertex$100≀30:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Trading212$150≀20:1πŸ”ŽVisit Broker$100≀300:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Naga$250≀30:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
Easy Markets$100≀400:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
NSFX$300$3000≀200:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
FXgiants$100$200≀1000:1βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker
RoboMarkets$100$100≀30:1βœ”βœ”πŸ”ŽVisit Broker

Risk Warning: Your capital may be at risk. CFD trading involves a high risk of losing money quickly due to the leverage that is offered to you. Between 58% and 89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with these providers. Before you start trading CFDs, make sure that you understand how CFDs work and that you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


What is forex trading?

Forex trading, or also called foreign exchange or FX trading, consists of buying and converting one currency against another currency. Most forex traders trade forex to capitalize and generate profit on fluctuating currency prices. Forex is one of the largest and most liquid financial markets in the world and can represent over $ 5,000 billion in terms of volume traded each day. The foreign exchange market is done over the counter and is totally decentralized, for these reasons it is always reasonable to spend a little time analyzing and looking for a serious Forex broker following your criteria and adapted to your needs as a currency trader.

Who needs a forex broker?

Every forex trader needs a forex broker. The forex currency exchanges are carried out on international exchanges which only brokers can carry out transactions. You must therefore go through intermediaries of a forex broker to be able to trade forex.

What is a broker in forex?

A broker in forex gives access to the forex market to a client (trader) and acts as an intermediary between the interbank currency market and its client. Forex brokers can also lend capital to traders so that they can leverage their trading positions. In general, most forex brokers earn money through the difference between Bid and Ask prices (spreads) and the commission charged on leveraged positions. Some FX brokers may also charge other fees such as conversion fees, management fees, or inactivity fees.

What is the best forex broker?

There is no one best forex broker for everyone, it will depend on your personal preference. However, the best forex brokers are generally regulated by official regulatory bodies and offer their clients a wide range of currency pairs, have low fees and tight spreads, and have reliable and fast deposit and withdrawal methods. These brokers also have a trading platform with everything a forex trader is looking for. For more help in choosing a broker, you can go look and compare them via our list of the best forex broker on this page.