Bitcoin Robot – Bitcoin Trading Bots

Bitcoin robots and auto-trading softwares are great tools to generate passive incomes from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These tools help individual traders and investors to automatize crypto trading and maximize their profits. While trading bitcoins is becoming popular, the best Bitcoin trading robots also do not require any more programming skills that enable traders to easily build more profitable automated trading strategies.

Trading software and Bitcoin platform becoming popular, as long traders, entrepreneurs and crypto-investors who wish to take advantage of them to make profits. The problem is that there are lots of scams and fraudulent systems. With increasing market competition, the need for crypto trading systems that offer real profit is becoming a necessity to gain an advantage in the cryptocurrency market.


TOP 3 Bitcoin Robots

The ranking of these trading bots, among other well-known bitcoin robots and automatic trading softwares, is as follows:

Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader is a robot that automatically trades for you and earns profit from the volatility of the crypto market. This bitcoin robot can provide up to 94% success trade rate on bitcoin trading; this tool is verified by third parties to be not a scam; the full support provided demonstrates that the company is genuinely interested in helping traders to earn money.

This automated trading software can identify price movements of currency and take advantage of them. With its features based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is able to identify the candlestick’s patterns and make decisions for them. The robot monitors the market until it’s closed or it places an order. It is an easy-to-use software, its interface is friendly for every trader. It also offers daily analysis with trading signals and expert advisors. In the end, there is no need for you to learn how to trade. You just have to use the provided signals and set parameters.

Bitcoin Trader has a smart money-management feature, that allows traders to calibrate the robot. Experienced traders can test any trading strategies for free in a demo account to find out what works best for them.

The Bitcoin Trader comes with many built-in trading tools; these tools are designed for practicing profitable auto trading strategies with this trading bot.

Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era is recognized as one of the best bitcoin robots in the world. With the help of this tool, one can become a good trader regardless of his past professional experience in this field.

Created by a team of professional software developers, Bitcoin Era is considered one of the most reliable free bitcoin trading bots on the market.

Bitcoin Era is a multi-algorithmic trading software that enables traders to simultaneously trade cryptocurrencies with several different trading strategies in real-time. Is a trading robot that is faster than other bitcoin robots on the market; moreover, this software provides a free demo account to registered users.

The correct choice of cryptocurrency at the right moment is central to successful trading; Bitcoin ERA monitors bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with powerful trading algorithms. This bitcoin robot is able to determine which currency has the highest probability to rise or drop based on sophisticated algorithms.

The built-in strategy analyzes the profit and effectiveness of each trade. For instance, it can detect the amount and the time zone when to execute orders. In general, Bitcoin Era gives traders a fair chance to use their trading robot for free.

Bitcoin Evolution

With 89% of profitability trade ratio, Bitcoin Evolution is in the third position on our ranking. Needless to say, the company (Bitcoin Evolution) behind this automated trading tool is very reputable.

New bitcoins traders may use algorithms and data from the market to find the best trading opportunities. According to the official website of the creator, the bitcoin trading robot in question can operate on a demo account, On real accounts, the robot can generate thousands of dollars on a daily basis.

As the site Bitcoin Evolution, you can start trading bitcoins for free. Naturally, the profitability and percentage of the profitability varies; Bitcoin Evolution can produce great daily earnings.

What are the advantages and inconvenient of using Bitcoin Robot


  • Trading bots are more accurate
  • No emotion, so the trading bot don’t panic sell or and don’t FOMO
  • Faster order executions than manual trading


  • Is not without risk
  • Trading bots can be difficult for beginners to understand
  • High Volatility of cryptocurrency

How to use a bitcoin trading platform to make your first trade ?

You can easily open a bitcoin robot trading account and use it as a crypto trading bot. In this example, we are using Bitcoin Era

1) Registration:

First, you must register by filling in basic information such as your name, surname, email address as well as your telephone number, and password. This information allows you to connect to the trading platform. After completing the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email. You must click on the confirmation link to validate your registration and continue with the account opening process.

2) Verification

Next, you must verify your account by sending copies of your identity document or passport as well as an invoice or utility bill in your name. This step is necessary to verify that you are indeed the holder of the identity document previously provided. Once the KYC identity verification is approved, you can move on to the next step.

3) Deposit Fund

After completing your registration and identity verification on the platform, you can start depositing money into your cryptocurrency trading account. You can start with a deposit of only $250 /€. This deposit will serve as your starting capital for your investments in cryptocurrencies and will allow you to buy and resell cryptocurrencies directly from the trading platform. You can make your deposit and withdrawal of your gains via a wide range of payment methods according to your preferences.

4) Live trade

Once you have passed all the steps, you can start trading. The broker will provide recommendations and help you with the settings before you start. Most trading systems also offer free demo accounts to test different settings without risk.

How do bitcoin trading robots work?

Cryptocurrency trading robots, also known as bitcoin trading bots, work as algorithmic trading systems that execute trades automatically.

Bitcoin robot applications work similarly to bitcoin exchanges and online brokerages accounts. Traders are required to sign up by providing their name, email address, password, bank details and the amount they want to invest or can afford. (For beginners, your crypto robot will ask for a smaller sum.) Finally, the user needs to launch the Bitcoin trading robot by passing some parameters that include the time frame for trading, whether the robot executes manual or automatic trades, the preferred trading frequency, risk level and other advanced details that depend on each trading bot. Once you have everything set up, Bitcoin robots can monitor your trading terminal and execute trades on your behalf in accordance to your settings.

What are the functions of Bitcoin trading robot?

Designed to improve efficiency, bitcoin robots are generally characterized by a variety of functions that can be programmed to execute trades based on specific strategies. From single to multiple trading pairs, these bots can perform the following tasks:

Monitor market transactions in order to perform different operations including buy/sell orders based on time, certain levels of equity, USD exchange rate and more

Develop and update trading strategies such as short or long-term investments based on best price, massive profit or max/mini loss generation, and more

Identify price breakouts & trend reversals, alerting users about the most profitable trading options

Execute orders automatically/manually via API connection, functioning depending on time and users input

Types of bitcoin trading bots:

Auto Trading Software:

These are downloadable or web-based trading systems that can be downloaded directly to your PC or are free and can be accessed via application stores.

Some bitcoin trading bots applications are web-based, which means they run on the cloud. A web-based cryptocurrency trading robot runs silently and is only accessible via internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer). They are believed to be slightly safer than a downloadable Bitcoin Robot because you have access to the software without having to download it.

There is several bitcoin auto trading software that can be used to execute trades with the vast majority of crypto exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, GDAX, Bitmex, Poloniex, CoinBase and more. Generally, the best bitcoin trading bots offer integration with all major cryptocurrency exchanges and also offers: Auto buy/sell orders functionality Trailing Stop-loss & Trailing Take-profit Price alerts for lucrative short/long trades

Copy Trading

Copy trading is also known as social trading, is a new trend in the investment industry. With copy trading, investors can copy and earn from trades of successful traders.

Among the advantages offered by copy trading and social network that can facilitate your trading is access to training from traders who are active or more experienced traders as you. This would help you learn to make the most successful decisions.

Social trading and copy trading offers to traders new possibilities. Becoming one of the best in the trading business is quite tough, especially when you don’t know where to begin from. To start you trading business you have to learn everything about the market. You should learn to identify the rises and falls, which sometimes is not possible for new traders. This is how copy trading come into play. You can copy trading, which is copying the best traders in your trading platform.

What is a Bitcoin robot?

Bitcoin robot is are automated software used by crypto enthusiasts to buy and sell cryptocurrency automaticaly to make a profit. Using tested algorithms and multi-market functionalities, reliable bitcoin robots are able to generate profits in the long and short term and don’t need any “help” except the exchange API to connect with exchanges to execute trading processes.

A bitcoin robot is an auto trading software powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning that can trade automatically any cryptocurrency market movements by following the programmed commands indicated by the crypto trader. Without any programming skills, bitcoin traders can build profitable automated bitcoin trading strategies that could generate profits. Bitcoin robots are also known as trading bots that could trade automatically all cryptocurrencies assets by managing the entry-level, trailing stop, and the take profit levels.

How to chose a Bitcoin Robot

Our website provides a list of the best bitcoin robots that can be used as a starting point to help you find the best trading robot to trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Also, consider if you want to trade cryptocurrency CFDs, the more popular method of trading cryptocurrency, or if you’d like a more traditional investment.

Cryptocurrency CFDs are contracts on prices that follow the movements of cryptocurrencies. The prices offered are usually derived from some of the major cryptocurrency exchanges and may include a small percentage on top of the purchase price. Cryptocurrency CFDs can be used in the same way as other CFDs, such as Forex, since they are basically being used to speculate on the price movements of an underlying asset.

Payment methods

Some options have lower fees than others, so it pays to make sure the payment method your broker allows for suits your needs and your financial situation. Brokers will generally accept a wide range of payment types, including debit or credit cards, credit/debit eWallets, bank transfers, and more. Be sure to check for associated fees, exchange rate discrepancies, and withdrawal times.

Deposit and Withdraw limits

When it comes to depositing funds onto your crypto trading account, everything is generally straightforward. However, when it comes to withdrawing, different limits might be imposed by trading platforms. The minimum withdrawal limit could be $100 or it could be $1,000. These withdrawal limits can also vary from crypto asset to crypto asset. Also, make sure you keep an eye on your funds. Some brokers will automatically set stop-loss and close-out orders, but if these are not to your liking, you’ll need to check if this is allowed.

Services and crypto assets offered

Cryptocurrency trading platforms generally offer a variety of investments options, so depending on what you are interested in will depend on how effective they are for your needs. For example, if you prefer to focus more on your own analysis and less on trading signals, you might prefer a brokerage that has a strong focus on UI/UX but is less involved with social trading. Equally, if you are interested in using a large number of indicators in your trading, a trading platform that has a strong focus on their available trading tools might be your best choice.

Some brokers also provide additional services such as analytics and market research for crypto traders. These can often be useful tools – but make sure you always double-check with your preferred research house.